Nordon Pty Ltd | Machine Feeder Systems

Nordon offer re-tooling to vibratory feeder bowls, rotary feeder and linear tracks to suit changed parts. Nordon also manufactures vibratory feeder hoppers, paddle hoppers, base plates, stands and control systems that are designed and built to suit specific applications.

Nordon supplies Vibratory Feeder equipment Nationally.

Nordon can also offer a complete “turnkey” design and manufacture on all automatic feeder systems incorporating all the latest technology in pneumatic and electrical design.

These systems can include your requirements on equipment selection and built to your specifications.

Nordon also offer spare parts to suit other popular brands of vibratory equipment and a complete breakdown and planned maintenance service on all component feeder systems.

We can offer an audit on all part feeding systems and report to you on their condition; this will help your company in evaluating its future requirements whilst providing you with a list of spare parts to ensure speedy repair in a break down situation.

Nordon have over 15 years experience with vibratory feeder systems. We design and manufacture systems for many prominent South Australian and National manufacturing companies.

Key Benefits

  • Nordon offers complete design and manufacture of Automated Feeder Systems
  • Manufacture and tooling of Linear Feeders, Vibratory Feeder Bowls and Centrifical Rotary Feeders
  • Feeder Systems are available in a range of sizes.
  • Component Feeder Hoppers, Conveyors and other ancillary items are designed and built to specific applications.
  • Feeder Systems are designed and fabricated with object orientation and feed rate to suit clients needs.
  • Retooling is available.

Nordon Pyt Ltd | Vibratory Feeder Controllers




  • Simple connection mains supply and feeder coil.          
  • 200/250 VAC single phase power supply
  • Up to 15 amps.  RMS load current
  • Main switch, indicator and circuit breaker built-in
  • Manual speed control
  • EMI filters on input and output
  • AC (double frequency) or DC (single frequency) operation
  • Maximum and minimum speed adjustment
  • Enabling contact input for remote control
  • Shielded metal enclosure
  • Dimensions 120x215x55/80mm over knob

Designed and manufactured in Australia