Nordon Pty Ltd | Pneumatic Rod bar Cutter


This pneumatically powered, hand held centre cut shear can be maneuvered to any position for cutting all sizes of grade 450 foundation mesh or rod up to 10 mm diameter.

Side cut shears available.

Rod bar cutting is trigger actuated and suited to either left or right hand operators.

The cutting operation is powered by compressed air at a working pressure of 600 kPa.

The pneumatic rod cutter is well balanced offering the operator a safe working stance when using this device.

The return springs for the cutting jaws offer protection from the pivot point of the jaws. 

Nordon recommend that operator training be carried out prior to using the Nordon SG10 Rod bar cutter. Protective items should be worn when operating the rod bar cutter.

Filter/Lubricators should be used in the air supply line for a longer Rod / Bar Cutter.service life.

A feature of the Nordon SG10 Rod Cutter is that it can be operated on any un-powered location by connecting to a petrol driven portable air compressor.

The Nordon SG10 Rod Bar Cutter has application in

  • Pre-cast Concrete Industry
  • Building and Construction Industry
  • Concrete and Steel fabrication
  • Machinery Hire Business
  • Foundation Contractors
  • Engineering
  • and many other organisations


Dimensions: 455 x 315 x 170mm
Weight: 8.2 Kg
Working Pressure: 600 kPa
Maximum Air Pressure: 900 kPa


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