Nordon Pty Ltd | Pressure Relief Vents/Ports

The Nordon Pressure Relief Port is designed to relieve the pressure differences in Walk-in Refrigerated Rooms caused by:

  • temperature changes
  • doors opening and closing

Pressure changes in the Walk-in Refrigerated Rooms cause the wall panels to move in and out resulting in a breakdown of the seals in the panel junctions, thus permitting ice to form in the wall and cause damage.

Key Benefits of Nordon Pressure Relief         Ports/Vents

  • Manufactuctured from non-corrosive food-safe injection moulded plastic.
  • No mechanical parts to breakdown.
  • A vermin filter is standard.
  • An electrical junction box.
  • 8 watt & 16 watt Anti Freeze Heater.

The Nordon Pressure Relief Vent adapts to a wall thickness from 65mm to 150mm thick and is secured without the use of screws or rivets. Extension sleeves are available for thicker walls

Multiple Ports are used in larger rooms.

Safety Aspect: In a properly constructed freezer room failure to install a pressure relief port/vent could delay the door from opening thereby trapping workers inside.

Nordon Pressure Relief Ports / Vents are shipped around the world.

Contact us to discuss other benefits and how to purchase the Nordon Pressure Relief Vent/Port.